Nearly have 10,0000 global users

Chinese customers: there are about 10,0000 loyal zhongyuan users are using our machine equipment in nearly 20 years .customers covering all over the top 500 listed companies and national various industries.

Electric 、machine equipment、Home appliances 、Medical drilling mold、 Plastic mold、Die - casting molds、car mold、Mobile phone mold、Hardware mold、Electronic mold、car spare parts、Car Accessories、Motorcycle Accessories、Rare earth alloy、Textile machine、Socks machine、elevator、robot、High Speed Rail、alloy、Rare earth ceramics and light industries,the mebers of government.

Global user& Agent

Global users and agents, the first batch of enterprises to obtain EDM export license.Since 2002,we export the EDM machine to the world and set permanent after sales service in the six company.

Pakistan Iran Ecuador Mexico
India Vietnam Bengal
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