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Malor technical parameters

Type DK-7740B
Size of worktable(mm) 600*765
Table travel(mm) 400*500
Max.workpiece thickness(mm) 320
Max taper angle(°) 6
Diameter of molybdenum wire(mm) Φ0.10-Φ0.25
Speed of electrode wire(m/s) 1-12
Power supply(Hz/V) 50Hz/220V±10% 50Hz/380V±10%
Drive of worktable 10 pats 5 phase driven by stepmotor
Worktable positioning accuracy(mm) 0.01/100
Worktable CNC vector(mm) <0.005
Repeat positioning accuracy(mm) ±0.005

Single pulse machining accuracy(mm)

General machining accuracy(mm) 0.015
Machining speed(mm²/min) 80-120
Optimal surfing roughness(μm) Ra≤1.0
Overall power(kw) <3
Weight of machine(kg) 2000